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VASHI TIMES, is a frontline news weekly published from Navi Mumbai, the satellite city across the harbour, next door to Mumbai. Born on June 22, 1986, VASHI TIMES has become a household name in the ‘City of the 21st Century’ and central suburbs in Mumbai, reaching to over two lakh readers. It has grown steadily over the past twenty five years and is ever growing, surmounting all the odds and tribulations with the unstinted support of our readers, advertisers and well-wishers. Fighting for social causes, pioneering the efforts to highlight civic issues have been its strength from the very beginning.


Incidentally, VASHI TIMES was the first newsweekly to be published from Navi Mumbai.



Needless to say that it provided in the past, and even today continues to provide with the same vision and vigor a platform for readers in particular and the public in general for creating a strong public opinion on issues that concern the growing metropolitan city, which was created in 1972 as a counter magnet to Mumbai which was wilting under the growing population that put tremendous pressure on the infrastructure.


Today VASHI TIMES is considered as the first choice for advertisers of any category with its attractive tariffs and ideal day of publication to reach the target audience. 


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